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Discussion on: I spent 30 years coding full-time, then I switched to full-time management and leadership. Ask me anything.

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Kat • Edited on

I make money specifically from knowing how to talk out ideas and implementation with marketing folks these days. It has turned into a specialization of mine by the looks of it, actually. I started doing graphics in marketing as a print designer (might be from that?)

I'm not a technical lead, I'm just a talkative developer/designer and consultant mostly at times. I like to joke and have fun, so that always helps on the getting-to-know on the clients and then understanding their needs.

Lorenzo is correct in terms of us speaking to non techs. Although, I prefer my project managers to be past devs as they understand our pain points more readily on shipping/maintenance/politics, etc.

I still very much need a project manager to check in on me from time and a good manager for guidance on various matters that may crop up. I suppose that would be a form of mentorship in some ways. I have learned a lot from some managers I've had. :)

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Thanks for sharing that's really good insight!