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Discussion on: Thoughts & Experiences from my first 2 months as a Developer.

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Oh, that percentage of the estimations is a game changer for me. Nice!

Although, in some businesses and some clients, they may not like that approach and I don't know how to dress that up for consumption when they're looking for deadlines no matter what (some have very good reasons!). I would likely look back to scope and what I'm able to do/what my responsibilities are. It's a tough one. Any takers on this question?

I've been taught recently to take it week by week, which has been really helpful and useful for the stress levels. You don't feel like there's a huge mountain in front of you that you have to climb. Some people use sprints for tickets and the like, but I look more at components or features that I can show.

I'm like a scrumban sort of thing? I very much like working at capacity doing more of a kanban style linked to features.

Also, I'm very late to the conversation on this one.