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Discussion on: What Not to Do as a Programmer - My List After 2 Years of Working In Teams

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Kat • Edited on

Fair, but usually the person has to accept the responsibility of their part. I'm responsible for my code. If you are honest with yourself, it's easy to say "Sorry guys, I screwed up", but I have felt in some places that it was unsafe to do so, which is unfortunate because it prevents people from taking responsibility, because they are shamed or judged upon it.

Currently I feel safe saying I screwed up and it really helps. You also have more mental room to catch things before they become bigger issues down the line.... I consider it a very important part of culture.

I've found making it safe for people to report issues or safe for saying "I screwed up" helps the team. :)

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Haseeb Author • Edited on

Great points Kat!