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Discussion on: If you mostly write code for your day-to-day, do you have plans to get promoted out of that situation?

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Not really -- not looking to get promoted as I promote myself. I'm kind of a split really in a few ways. I have the management education, I just kind of use it for myself and for myself. If I can help others, great. Mostly I do psychological safety sort of stuff as some places can really use it - making it safe for people to talk to help move things along. I try to mentor when someone needs it and I consider that a form of leadership. :)

I have a fair amount of autonomy in what I'm doing right now, so I'm pretty satisfied, so I grow myself. Take extra classes, learn new stuff online, take another project using different skills - some soft skills as well. Talking directly to clients, new projects from time-to-time, doing bug reports...

If I went to executive levels, there is a chance I would be unhappy as I like doing my craft - I like the tactical the most. Probably preference.