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Discussion on: The Hunch: 4 Times I Felt It And 1 When I Didn't, And What Were The Consequences

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Intuition is questioned. When it is I back up with data when I can. Sometimes it's really strong and I don't know why. I feel it guides me to look in places others haven't looked.

I've been trying to find ways to show it to others and so far some collection tools for theming and analysis has been a thing.

I feel the curiosity and discovery is strong which fuels intuition... or is it the other way around? Maybe they influence each other.

I do data collection or "feeling it out" early when folks want to jump to the tech... so I feel you when you talk about learning first. People want action now or yesterday.

How do you make that work? I think you may have thoughts on this that are maybe different than mine.

How do we show our intuition in a bigger plan? How do we also use it well?

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Elena Author

Thanks for your reply, Kat. It seems like you have The Hunch too. That's nice! :)

I'm not sure I have it figured out 100% :). I still struggle sometimes with how to make other people believe me, or how to teach them thinking before doing. By sharing this post, I wanted to help people look at the task more intensely, and to show what happens when they don't.

I don't think saying "I sense..." or "my intuition tells me..." helps. This sounds like magic, and can be easily rejected with "well, my intuition tells me something different". I think what helps, is explaining that this is based on your (years of) experience, and in similar situations you usually see this or that set of problems. I.e.: "when making a large code change, people usually forget about backwards compatibility, so we should think about it", or something like that.

Further, just like you said, I think that supporting your claims with data helps. It is hard to argue with data.

I also find that it helps to methodically lay it out to people - basically, in a list with bullet points. I.e.: "we still have to figure out: a), b), c); and in c) I usually meet a lot of problems which may delay us a lot; so why don't we think about c) in advance".

Do you have other tips or ideas? I'd love to hear them!

P.S. What do you call "the hunch"? :))