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Discussion on: Onboarding - how to make it a really good one

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Well, I just learned a bit because I know that feeling all too well... or when things are haphazard... where do I even start and be effective with the team, am I right? Where do I fit in exactly? Role helps, but doesn't cover everything either. Can't assume a certain process in one company to another either as different ones have different needs, etc.

I like the idea of being friendly and not trash talking the new person behind their back, too. It is difficult to fit in for anyone in the first place, I'm sure trash talking the new person doesn't help. It feels crummy and you can feel the "odd one out" vibe. Even in a team of devs somehow. It's bad and devs should be held accountable for anything like that.

So essentially to counter act any "newness" feels (that can feel horrible at times), I'm determined.

Thanks for the post! Super helpful!