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👋 Introduction

For anyone who has not yet seen the first post where we introduced Guilds and the idea behind it, make sure to do so here:

Introduction to Guild - The free self-hosted team management solution

🚀 Current Progress

So far we have prepared an initial PoC and it is going quite well!

Currently, people can register, create teams, assign other people to their teams and give them specific roles. Some of the things that we've got done for the MVP are:

Mockup for the initial sign up screen


CRUD for new tasks and simple task management (asign/unasign tasks to self) using Laravel LiveWire


Basic On/Off shift functionality and tracking of the total time worked on a specific project/team


Deploy to DigitalOcean Button

We've got the button working quite nicely. There are still a couple of points left there mainly for the run commands. Currently, those need to be added manually

❓ Things To Do

We've got the initial idea and setup done however there is still a lot to do!

  • Full Redesign Laravel Jetstream components
  • Discord & Slack notifications for common actions (Add/Delete/Update Task, start/end shift and etc)
  • Badges for specific accomplishments (e.g. closed 10 tasks, worked for a total of 100 hours, etc.)
  • Integration with DO spaces for storing images
  • Discussion board where people could share ideas

Infrastructure planning

As of the time being, we only utilize the App Platform and Managed Databases. The plan would be to add a Redis Cluster for jobs and possibly caching, along with Spaces for storing static files.

Here is a quick diagram that we've put:


🔧 Tools

The tools which we've used so far are:

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