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Discussion on: What changes are you making in 2020?

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Glenn Stovall • Edited

I don't want to code forever. So in 2020, I aim to publish, coach, and consult more.

Sharing what I've learned with others has been my most effective career hack. Writing and sharing have led to clients, speaking engagements, and conversations with interesting people. But the best benefits are internal, not external. Publishing allows me to do more communication & critical thinking reps and strengthen those muscles. It shows when I'm talking with colleagues & bosses. I can tell when I'm working through tough business problems.

From there, I'd like to find ways to apply that kind of problem-solving in higher-leveraged ways. To move from the laborer to the expert. Away from "the person that does the work" to "the person who knows how to do the work." Less "doing things" and more "making things happen."

Coaching and consulting are underrated skills developers can pick up. I suspect many developers don't recognize them as "skills" they can learn and develop. Helping others develop their skills, and persuading them to take action, and uncover their best selves is very rewarding. Maybe if I publish enough decent ideas, I can convince a few others to let me help them.