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Discussion on: Is it true that programming is easy to do?

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Glenn Stovall • Edited

Depends on how you define "easy".

Is writing easy? Most people know how to string together a paragraph, but they wouldn't be able to get a job as a writer.

Is running easy? Most people can put down a mile or even a 5k, but they wouldn't be able to race competitively.

So, how "easy" is programming?

Most people could follow a tutorial, study the syntax, and get the gist of it. But that doesn't make you employable, despite what boot camp after boot camp tries to sell you.

I don't say to discourage anyone. Many people have learned coding skills and gone on to find jobs. Some with great salaries and some without. In that regard, programming is easier than, say, medicine, which has more stringent requirements when it comes to schooling and licensing.

As far as salary, I'd say the average starting salary is higher than many others. Breaking six figures is the rule, not the exception when you get up to the senior level. In that regard, programming is easier than being a waiter or a teacher. Harder perhaps, than working in something like qualitative finance.

Is programming easy? Yes, except when it isn't.