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Play games and earn crypto with - Game Infinity

What is Game Infinity?

The next-generation decentralized blockchain gaming based on Binance smart chain. Game Infinity is a new Play to Earn NFT Gaming Platform that is building the Strong and Big Community of Game and Crypto enthusiasts.

The platform is powered by native currency $GAMEIN token. It offers various single player and multiplayer games.The players are rewarded with tokens and require GAMEIN token to enter the game.
It is a full-scale Blockchain game hosting platform that breeds collectible assets called "Stones" just like the infinity stones. Players can enjoy both simple and big games that will reward winners and participants. In this new Gaming Universe, you get access to games, meet friends, chat with gamers, trade gaming NFT and make gaming a full time earning source.

What is $GAMEIN ?

$GAMEIN token is a BEP20 based Gaming token and the native currency for the Game Infinity gaming universe.

Let’s have a look how can your use $GAMEIN Token :

  • The $GAMEIN token will be used for all transactions within the Game Infinity portal such as gaming fee, winning rewards and referral rewards.
  • The token will also be used to make Payments when you buy and sell gaming NFT’s.
  • The users can trade tokens on exchanges to new Game Infinity users, gaming brands — or just hodl and sell at crypto-exchanges later- just like other BSC tokens.

Games Available :

The platform is inline with releasing some amazing games, apps and NFT created by smart minds, globally. At Present in the beta version there is one live game “2048” which is a single player game.

Currently the platform is running a bounty program to Earn $GAMEIN Tokens and Crypto Rewards. One needs to simply participate in a simple task like $GAMEIN Social Media Bounty and complete the task.

Further, By the first quarter of 2022 the platform aims to launch 50+ games including single and multi-player.They are also set for new partnerships with global game developers to introduce full-scale blockchain games mobile apps.

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