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re: 🌿Hello, my name is Weiwei and I'm a newbie coder building a product a month with Javascript and no code tools! I studied interaction design in co...

Welcome, Weiwei! Awesome idea! I am working on the same things, I started as a developer and am working on learning about interaction design and user experience!


Cool! I'm down to trade skills if you are open to it!

Otherwise, good luck! :)

Awesome! I am always down for a list of articles or books to read. Been reading through Refactoring UI and Sprint: How to Solve Big Problems and Test New Ideas in Just Five Days for UX readings. Any other suggestions?

What sort of projects are you working on?

I really liked " the best interface is no interface". I think the best way to practice interface design is to make one a day, and try to expand on the interface by making all interfaces for an app/product. For experience design, diagrams are often a good way to map things out. See dubberly.com/articles/using-concep...

I'm working on a series of generators that are web-based. Like upload a photo and change the size of those photos or paragraph generators.

I will definitely dig into the recommended readings!

Let me know if you have any questions that are javascript related. Some recommended tools I have used in the past are Egghead.io, any courses by Wes Bos, or if you have specifics stack overflow. But a lot of learning to code is pushing through and practicing. Experiencing errors and reaching out for help when you get stuck! The projects you are working on sound like they will definitely be challenging and should be great for learning some important concepts!

Awesome. Thank you for your recommendations. :)

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