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That's a good question! And a tough one.

Some bad days are really tough - I keep thinking about the event that made my day worse, and I repeat it in my mind over and over. It's exhausting and it does not lead to anything.

These days it happens to me less than it used to. I believe one reason is experience - I realize that with all the mistakes I've made in the past, with all the times I failed my own expectations, the companies that I've worked for still exist and do great; I'm still in good relations with the people I argued with; and the mistakes I made happened once, and I learned my lessons.

That also keeps me motivated - some days are really bad, but when I take bigger perspective I see that the whole week or month, or year was quite good. One day I didn't prepare well, I didn't do my homework. But I did it for all the other days that week and overall I made good progress.

And if you're looking for something that will take your mind away from work, for me team sports work great - if I try to read a book on a bad day, my mind constantly goes back to work, the same with gym or coding, but when I have to focus on running and throwing the ball to help my team score, I can really forget about everything else.


Thx for sharing. I think you're right, experience doesn't mean learning how to code only but also how to deal with bad days/ periods. It's funny cos' one week you can feel the smartest in the neighborhood and the next like you'll never gonna be a good developer. Team sports might be a good idea, I practice jogging but it leaves too much space to think about things.

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