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I'm creating a course on how to transition from being a freelance designer / developer to agency founder. AMA!

greghausheer profile image Greg Hausheer ・1 min read

Hey Dev Community!

About 6 years ago I was a freelance designer and front-end engineer. I met my co-founder (also a freelancer) and we started Lightmatter, a dev and design shop based in NYC.

Since then, we've bootstrapped the company to almost 14 people and have worked with a mix of awesome startup teams and enterprise clients building out applications, API's, and a mix of design and branding work.

I'm putting together a course on how this all happened, and how to make the switch from being solo to starting a team and growing an agency.

So, what would you like to know? How to make your first hire? How to juggle sales with actually doing client work? Where to find clients? How to market your skills and services?

I'd love to get feedback on what questions I should address that would be most helpful for the community.

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Matt Curcio • Edited

Your project sounds ambitious and appealing but I come from a different background (one of biochem and wet lab science). So putting your company together sounds like an exotic adventure. What I am trying to say is I would like to hear the simple facts, i.e. how to start a business. Did you get a lawyer or just apply for business license and ids, etc. What can you do without a lawyer? What did you need the most help on?

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Greg Hausheer Ask Me Anything

Awesome - thank you for this. I'm definitely thinking of addressing this. I've met some founders who started a consulting firm and have run for years without any sort of business or operating agreement, so it's important to find a professional to get this setup. I think I'll have sub lessons on Legal setup, accounting, templates to use for contractors and employees, etc.

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