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That spending a lot of time configuring and adjusting your development setup will make you a better / faster programmer. It will, but there's a marginal return. Eventually you just have to write code and not procrastinate.


Nah, ill just reinstall my system, invent new aliases, try out 3 new editors, find a theme, etc. that should keep me busy for a week. Much more fun than doing something with business value. /s

Gotta love this. Real story, i met a guy that started programming under the wing of someone who constantly fiddles with editor, for years. I knew exactly how it will go. Ive been meeting him every couple of months (conferences, eventually working together in the same company) and asking whats up, what he learned, how his stuff is looking.

Every time he had something new. New editor, 10 shell scripts to increase productivity, new laptop with great shortcuts on touchbar.

Needless to say, he was fired from my company because he couldnt deliver anything.

Beware juniors - dont waste time. If it works and doesnt get in a way - stick with it until it does. Then fix what is itchy, and move along. Otherwise your resume will contain more about buzzwords than results. And this is not a good thing.


Sorry, I have to disagree... I cannot write code if I have to look at loading bars that dont resemble nyan cats... ;)

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