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Question: Where does Nuxt 3 fit in, in 2023?

This post is created for discussion purposes.

In 2023 there are a wealth of developer options for front-end:
React, Vue, Svelte, Solid and many more.

And SSR gaining more popularity with:
Nextjs, Solid SSR, Nuxt

And now Hybrid/Full stack frameworks such as:
T3, Remix, Solid Start
^ none of which use Vue or Nuxt

It seems like a lot of other libraries/frameworks are making good strides and getting adoption from the community but Nuxt 3 in my opinion has had a rough launch - documentation is constantly changing or behind and features are not clear. Coding in it for me has not been easy and on a small 2 page app i made the ram consumption was sitting around 350mbs and could go up to 600mbs. Which makes me sad because Vue is my favourite front-end tool.

*So my question is: *
In this environment what do you think is the future for Nuxt and with these new tools and frameworks how does Nuxt compete or fit in? Or are you happy with where Nuxt3 is and how things are going? I would love to hear your thoughts!

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