re: JAVA's ecosystem is small compared to JavaScript you can't even compare both, JAVA is more niche (businesses), In JavaScript you can really do ever...

Can you do stuff with SIM cards in JavaScirpt? Highly doubt it. And such examples might trigger "niche" comment which basically is saying let's ignore elephant in the room and focus on mouse - which is web app development and that includes microservices and such.

Go check how big is Spring alone. It's not a framework it's quite a few frameworks which can make a platform. Check Apache Java stuff, like Apache Camel which is similar to Spring Integrations - still Java and still one of the go-to solutions for integrations none of which I've seen in JS and integrations are even out of "businesses niche" now. Almost all of us do it even for mid sized projects. Try to look at Red Hat stuff made for Java alone. Go browse through maven repository. Not even C# ecosystem (or .NET to be more correct) can compare to it in terms of size/quantity. And this is why people are not willing to leave JVM. It has so much things done you rather cry how hard they are to work with than to write it yourself in another platform.
It's plain simple, number of libraries, frameworks and such, regardless of their use case, are bigger for JVM mainly written in Java because it was the language before Scala, Groovy, Clojure, and such, and Kotlin lately.

Basically that "niche" your talking about is waaaaay bigger than your "non niche" which makes no sense for me to call it that word then.

You might call it new COBOL which indicates it will be forgotten by many at some point but live like a plague and poison anyone who touches legacy system that must work, but it doesn't change the fact that we still need something to catch up with it's size to be able to say "Java is dead" and make sense.

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