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Postman now supports GraphQL

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GraphQL is a query language for APIs. It's becoming more popular because of the many benefits it offers compared to REST APIs, of which the most important one is smarter data fetching.

The querying model offered by GraphQL is showing its real power when it comes to working with large APIs.

GraphQL vs REST

GraphQL allows to specify what data we need in a query and that's what's going to be included in a response – nothing more, nothing less, just the data we asked for in a single request. On the other hand, when fetching for the same data with REST we would end up with multiple REST roundtrips ...

Source: blog.apollographql.com

... or imagine it this way:

REST vs GraphQL

Source: crystallize.com

GraphQL in Postman

Postman joins the group of companies acknowledging the GraphQL qualities and has recently announced the support for GraphQL in their service. The latest release of Postman v7.2 enables:

  • sending GraphQL queries in the request body,
  • GraphQL variables,
  • GraphQL query autocompletion.

This is a great complement to the previous update which introduced schema support, all that combined makes it possible to create & store GraphQL schemas directly in Postman itself!

GraphQL BETA in Postman

Source: blog.getpostman.com

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Now this is some serious news. Thanks for letting us know!


Ditto, great news! Postman is awesome.


Insomnia support it since years ago.


This is the first time I’ve heard of Insomnia.

How does it compare to Postman?


I like it better than Postman, its design is minimal and intuitive.


Yep! And I use insomnia every single day for it haha


This is awesome. I already use Insomnia since it supports both REST and GraphQL but I'm gonna try this out!


Just yesterday, as I was ditching REST and bringing on GraphQL in my personal project, I was wondering if Postman would ever support GraphQL. This is great news!


Yeah, I’ve seen this too when I used Postman today. It’s still in beta though.

Anyone here has tried it?


Great info, thanks for sharing!!!