What did your first website design look like?

Jermaine Oppong on December 29, 2018

Hello friends. As we approach the decline of 2018, I took a trip down memory lane to my first ever website design and thought I'd share it with you... [Read Full]
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I don't think I have a copy of mu first website around. I made it in the summer of 1998. Initially using Netscape's WYSIWYG HTML editor, but quickly thereafter writing HTML by hand. I do have a copy of what it turned out to be in 1999 before I created a completely new one. But, there's quite some Flash used for the navigation menus, so the site is actually quite broken now.

Does anybody know if there's a JS library which I could simply include on the site to make it's Flash content work (it's only Flash 4)? I know there's Shumway, but that requires some more work to restore my website.


Internet Archive have mine from 2003 (it was pretty much the same in '97 when I started):


Anyone care to guess what revision control system I was using then?


Cool. I like the minimal look. And nothing says old school like the good ol' table layout :)


My first site was pretty good looking! But the only problem was, it not being response and the container was being centered by margin-left: 400px 😂🤫


Don't really remember. I think it was a table filled with random GIFs and a gigantic square moving around in the background. All was centred with the

<'center> tag

My first web site was gawd awfully embarrassing. How I could have tagged my own good name to it is beyond me now. Sorry (or happily) no screen shots.


Sadly my first site hasn't been preserved by Internet Archive.

This is the oldest known screenshot:


Ahhh 😭

Luckily I happened to have scraped my site a couple of years ago as now it's not online anymore.

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