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Front end Developer

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How have you utilized the pandemic?

I'm learning a new idiom, also working, i have been working r...

Switching languges

depends on what you want to achieve, and if you really feel t...

Great places to start your journey in web development👨‍💻

hands up for netninja!

Where to start to make some game?

i should x.x

Where to start to make some game?

sure ^^

Where to start to make some game?

I dont want to end doing something too complex or i will lose...

Where to start to make some game?

nop, i have no idea 😅

Where to start to make some game?

yeah, i was thinking on it or melonjs

Create a Chessboard

I did with grid and divs xd, nice post

What programming concept did you struggle the most with?

Hands up for monads, but i saw some comment here talking abou...

Guys, have any hobby?

Well,that can be fixe easily.... by improving and doing =D

Guys, have any hobby?

I hope you improve a lot on it! Et bonne chance!

Which type of Front-end developer am I?

I like that you brought the Chris Coyier article to your post...

Guys, have any hobby?

Sounds great, What genre is your album?

Guys, have any hobby?

I have a literature group on telegram, i post poems from time...

Light Vs Dark Themes what is your preference?

Dark mode, or atleast some low contrast, black on white is aw...

My transition around IDES

I use vim for small files, because i can open it from console...

Do you use a vim-like editor?

I think i did but had some issues, i know that i tried other ...

Learning functional programming in javascript: A roadmap

You thinking on using some of these concepts in typescript? I...

Do you use a vim-like editor?

Yeah, in fact i was thinking in making an article based in my...

"Hello, World!" but in 30 different languages!!!

Haskell one is wrong is using the repl. And is not even prin...

Welcome Thread - v45

Hello, i have gotten good comments about, and i made...