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re: Would be nice to mark posts like that as #politic or smth, so its easier to add ignore them discuss tag is a pure parody in this case - f...

There is the word "politics" literally in the title. The issue of depolitization was highlighted in the text. You are free to stop reading something at any point. Why make this misleading accusation like I fooled someone?

The only way to not see the content in the feed is to follow the tag and set the priority to negative value. Thats why tagging posts correctly is important.

I think @neilonsoftware is right that we're not getting anywhere without a calm discussion.

Folks are going to disagree on this issue, but let's try not to let this escalate to the level of personal attacks. Though this is often tough when a topic is particularly heated, we must try hard to keep discussion on the issue itself and follow the Code of Conduct at all times. If we can't do this, it's best to just move on.

In this instance, it seems like we've reached a dead-end. So let's please not take this any further.

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