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Discussion on: What is your Favorite Browser?

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I try to dabble in a few browsers but my go-to is definitely Chrome. I'm really getting a chance to dive into the capabilities of the inspector when maintaining sites on the job.

TL;DR - 1. Chrome, 2. Brave if I didn't need to monitor several sites for performance

When QA testing, there is the need to dive into other browsers (Safari, Firefox, Edge, unfortunately IE -- yuck) so I find that they all have some similar features but their dev tools do differ slightly (element selection, folding, minimizing by selector etc.).

I went to Brave for a brief time but I ran into an issue where I wasn't getting a true look at a website when troubleshooting it's performance due to the privacy settings of the browser. Don't get me wrong, it really comes in handy, because you can view a website without tracking kicking in or even a malicious script kicking in aaaaand you can also toggle the blocking.