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Working at my desk

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My first article at freeCodeCamp πŸŽ‰

I spent a lot of time to make the animations look good. I am ...

How to put your website online in under 10 minutes?

Yes, GitHub Pages is a great way to host static apps. Even fl...

Android SurfaceViewRenderer explained

Good read!

From 0 to 5.000.000 monthly views

Amazing insights! Thank you :)

5 Best Places to find Hackathons!πŸ§‘β€πŸ’»


Integrate Authentication to your Android App with Auth0

My pleasure :)

Android development Core questions

Nice :) I would like to point out the last heading- It's cont...

How to create your first Android app using Android Studio?

Thank you πŸ™ŒπŸ»

7 VS Code Extensions that'll Help You Stay in Your Editor

I would also recommend Thunder Client, it gives a UI similar ...

Introducing JekyllEx - The easiest way to manage a Jekyll blog from an Android device!

Thanks for taking time to comment. Really glad that you liked...

3 years of blogging - Here's how it all started!

Thank you for the suggestion! I will consider it :)

Pass list of objects in Intent using Kotlin

Amazing! I got to learn something new, thanks for the writeup...

Introducing Quotes App

Thanks for boosting my motivation 😊

How to setup a project using tailwindcss for beginners

Thank you for this tutorial :) I came to know about tailwindc...

A Clean Code Box

Awesome! Thanks for this :)

Code Smell 34 - Too Many Attributes

Ah, I see! I was viewing it from the PWA so I guess I got to ...

Code Smell 34 - Too Many Attributes

Yeah, I was comparing them for 10 mins lol

Hello World in all the languages I know

Welcome :)

Hello World in all the languages I know

Yeah, I came to know basic C# when I started Game Developemen...

Welcome Thread - v97

Hi I am Gourav. I am 15 years old boy from Punjab, India. I l...