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How do I Save a GroupWise Email as a PDF?

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Summary: In Novell GroupWise, there is no direct way to save emails in PDF format. However, there is an indirect method which we have explained in this article. To save Novell GroupWise emails in PDF directly, we have also provided a third-party software application.

Novell GroupWise is a collaboration and messaging platform that organizations use for emails, calendaring, personal information management, etc. The software runs on advanced data center technology and offers a dynamic interface customized to fit an organization’s requirements. Additionally, it offers scheduling and task management systems, Secure Messaging Gateway for business security, etc.

Novell GroupWise allows users to save emails in different formats: RTF, plain text, MIME, PDF, etc. However, there is no option to save the emails in PDF format in older GroupWise versions. If you want to save the emails in PDF format in these versions, download the emails in RTF format first and then convert these RTF files to PDF. Otherwise, you can use advanced software to convert GroupWise emails to PDF directly.

The following are some common reasons why GroupWise users save their messages in PDF format:

• It’s easy to share emails in PDF format. PDF files can be saved on a flash drive and shared with anyone who needs to access the emails.
• If an internal investigation is conducted, the investigators may collect GroupWise emails in PDF for reviewing and evidence collection.
• GroupWise emails can also be saved in PDF files for record-keeping and presentations, etc.

How to Save GroupWise Emails in PDF Format Manually?

The process of converting Novel GroupWise emails to PDF files manually can be divided into two parts:

Part 1: Save GroupWise Emails in RTF Format

Follow these steps:

  1. Create a new folder “GW Emails” in My Documents or any location where the GroupWise emails will be saved.
  2. Open GroupWise and select the emails that you want to save. Then open the File menu and select Save As.

Alt Text

  1. Select the message, and in the Saved message format menu, select Rich text (RTF).
  2. Click Browse and provide the path of GW Emails folder. Then save the message by clicking the Save button.

Part 2: Convert RTF Emails to PDF

There are different ways to convert RTF emails to PDF. These are:

  1. Use Third-Party RTF to PDF Converter Tools

There are several RTF to PDF converter software (both web-based and desktop-based) that you can use to convert RTF to PDF. Most of these utilities are free and easy-to-use.

  1. Use MS Word

You can convert RTF to PDF easily by using Microsoft Word. Just open the RTF messages in MS Word. Then go to File > Save As, and from the save as type options menu, select PDF. The GroupWise messages will be saved in PDF format.

  1. Use WordPad

If you don’t have MS Word, you can open the RTF message in WordPad (default application in Windows for opening RTF files). Once the file is opened, press CTRL+P to open the Print window. Select Microsoft Print to PDF option and provide a location for saving the PDF file.

Alt Text

With this method, you can save convert Novell GroupWise email to PDF. However, some users don’t prefer this method because it’s time-consuming and inefficient, especially if you need to save a large number of GroupWise emails to PDF. If you don’t want to use this method, then you can use the automation method.

How to Save GroupWise Emails in PDF Format Through Automation?

You can convert GroupWise emails to PDF directly with dedicated software, such as Stellar Converter for GroupWise. This advanced software converts GroupWise emails to Outlook PST and other formats, such as PDF, EML, HTML, RTF, EML, and PST. It converts GroupWise mailbox saved in Online, Remote, Cache, and Archive modes.

The following are some of the best features of Stellar Converter for GroupWise:

• Converts GroupWise emails to PST, MSG, EML, HTML, RTF, and PDF
• Converts mailbox in Online, Remote, Archive, and Cache modes
• Directly exports GroupWise mailbox to Office 365 (Technician edition)
• Offers mailbox preview before saving the data
• Offers advanced filters for selective mailbox conversion
• Converts multiple mailboxes in a single batch (Technician edition)

To save Novell GroupWise emails in PDF format with the software, follow these steps:

  1. Download and install Stellar Converter for GroupWise on your system.

  2. Run the software and select your GroupWise mailbox mode, which could be Cached, Online, Remote, and Archive.

Alt Text

  1. Enter your GroupWise credentials and other details. Then click OK.
  2. Preview the GroupWise emails and select the emails you want to save to PDF.
  3. Click Save under the Home tab.
  4. In the Save As window that opens, select PDF. Then click Next and save the messages in PDF format in the specified location.


There are two ways to convert GroupWise emails to PDF. In the first one, you need to save GroupWise emails in RTF format and then convert these RTF files to PDF. In the second option, you need to use dedicated software to save Novell GroupWise messages in PDF directly. You can use the first option if you need to convert only a few messages. If you need to convert several GroupWise messages, you should use the second option to save time and perform the task more efficiently.

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