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Discussion on: Generate a PDF in AWS Lambda with NodeJS, Webpack, Pug and Puppeteer

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Max Donchenko

Thanks for the article! Useful!


difference in code size was 984,9 kB (TS project) vs. 124,8 MB (JS project) for the same code

Why so?


Sorry if I'm wrong but you haven't mentioned how you managed to deploy it to AWS. Did you put everything in a bucket? If yes, how bucket and lambda are synchronized?

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Zeljko Krsic Author

Thank you for your comment and sorry that you waited for my response this long, I simply haven't noticed till now.

  1. I am not sure why the difference in bundle is so big. I haven't investigate it as I was short on time.
  2. I used serverless framework to deploy package to AWS. Serverless put it into bucket and update all parts used in project. In this case, beside lambda function, an API Gateway and layers are implemented.
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