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Discussion on: What Should I Learn After basic Javascript?

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Gergely Gombos • Edited

I suggest taking a look at Typescript and learning some popular frontend framework (Angular, React, Vue).

If you are interested in backend, take a look at Node.js.
If you would like to learn a different backend language, start learning Java or C#.
Also you can dive deeper in JS (e.g. learn Promises, read the You Don't Know JS book) if you want, and look at web architecture like REST and stuff.

Take a look at some frontend and backend roadmaps in to assess your knowledge.

Have fun! :)

EDIT: to let me help you more - what kind of coding work have you been doing so far?

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Pranjal Verma Author • Edited

So far in development I have learned HTML, CSS and basic JS with some knowledge of jQuery.

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Gergely Gombos

Then the above still holds. :)

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