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Waiting for part iii(crud script) and part iv (automation script)


Part III is being written. Should be published next week.


Hi sorry :) Yes I explained why I didn't do it

But would be able to do it in 2 weeks from now ;)

That link takes me to a page that says "The author deleted this Medium story."

Are you going to publish any follow-ups?

Oh my sorry I completely forgot, I'm busy on other stuffs :) there's a beginning above for part III as posted by yc, thanks.

I hope you keep doing tutorials. They are really helpful. Looking at your code really helps to see how to do things "the red way", as opposed to trying to ramming your head against the wall trying to do things the (C, java, enter your current programming language here) way, but using Red.

You really do have to think differently.

btw, HumanRedable...brilliant piece of work. I especially like the "select selector" approach you use for generating. It's a brilliant way to approach it, vs parsing->tree-walking->code generating approach I certainly would have used.

Thank you for the helpful comment and additional data!

yes I'll do more tutorials but later. Meanwhile you can also look at some red code snippets here most are simple to understand.

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