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Falling for programming again.👨🏾‍💻

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Quick little background about myself.

I am from Congo Brazzaville , – from Pointe-Noire precisely – a beautiful agglomeration that borders the Atlantic ocean 🌴🌊.I’ve studied Computer Science at Osmania University (India) and graduated back in 2017. I now work as a solutions Analyst for a small size company that provides print services and document management solutions advises to its customers.

I was hoping for a job a bit closer to what I’ve studied but the Software development ecosystem isn’t as evolved as in other African countries. The number of companies interested in the subject is close to zero, so as time was running I felt into a dangerous routine which was “Sticking to execute my daily tasks” . I literally knew what I had to do for the next 2 or 3 weeks and guess what ? It was the exact same thing. My level of professionalism always stands out no matter what. If something has to be done and you’re in a position of doing that, well I believe you should do it.

April 1st.

The government announces the lock down for an undetermined amount of time. People were kind of anxious about how it was going to turn out while being sited at home , not knowing what to do. I was somehow excited because I knew what I wanted to do, now that I had time and it was to reunites with programming again .

The unknown, The “Whoah, this is cool”, The joy, The struggle, The “What an idiot !”, The pride, The ability to give life to your imagination etc … all those emotions are what makes it special.
I used to code in python and did a little bit of web development back then , so I still had basic knowledge about key concepts such as HTTP methods, MVC architecture, basic HTML, CSS etc …
I still needed to read some documentation to make sure I still got it.

April 5th

I decide to take on a small project in order to build a sort of “real world application” and here we are a month after and I’ve managed to built a basic Coursera clone .

I’ve chosen a fairly common stack : Django, Bootstrap and also a couple of third-party modules that handle complex functionalties such as User Authentication and Caching. Well UI is not great, I really suck at it, I mean it’s no joke I really do. 🙄 but overall , I am satisfied with what I was able to produce in that period and what I’ve learned in a technical perspective during the process.
I intend to document and release a multiple part series of tutorials in the coming days either here or on Medium, just to share my experience and learn from others as well.

Long story short, spending only a month out of my job and doing nothing programming and learning back and forth really made me question myself about what I want, and about my career path because having to do something that you enjoy doing, truly is a great feeling. We have a great dev community here and frankly the major takeaway in a software engineering related job is simply to enjoy every moment of the process.

As for me, I still have a few more weeks to go as the government has planned to let the population out of quarantine by May 15th . Til then, all I can do is enjoy every moment I spend in front of my laptop, looking forward to be publishing my first series of tutorials and wish everyone reading this to be safe and sound.

Cheers .

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I totally agree with you. Eversince the schools were shut down, I've been literally swimming in code. Picked up a few libraries, made a GUI application in python, created a portfolio site (not complete yet tho), and now getting into data analysis and machine learning. Like... I know the world is having a hard time but this really is a great opportunity to learn what you love.

Cool story, btw...