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Discussion on: Why Java Interfaces Are Terrible

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If Database only needs to work with those two method then the Java way to do is to write an implementation class for DynamoImpl which is a wrapper of your production AmazonDynamoDB, but only exposes those two methods publicly.

Mockito is a good framework that will probably have most of the features you'd want. What are you trying to do specificly? In Mockito you can do things like "create a (mock) object that implement this interface, but when method A() is called return some fake data" or stuffs like that.

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John Forstmeier Author

Yes, Database only needs those two methods (right now, if I expand it later, I can add those methods); ideally, I want to be able to hit the "put" and "get" methods within the Database class without actually touching the production DynamoDB (which it wouldn't be able to do from a local run anyway without additional configuration).