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Discussion on: Is it Worth Learning Microsoft's Tech Stack?

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My TL;DR answer would be 'yes' but I'd like to point out some issues that I think you got wrong:

  • How is yet to be popular on linux equivalent to tied to Windows server? There's nothing that stops you from building a server running on Linux with C#. I guess your point is that that kind of jobs is not yet common but it's an entirely different matter.
  • How exactly is ASP.NET more expensive than PHP? It's literally free. Performance-wise speaking, ASP.NET is one of the fastest out there. PHP and Node don't even come close. C# is also way more maintainable than Javascript or PHP.
  • Dot net core is not matured yet to deploy on say digitalocean and other cloud platforms .Net core has reached version 2.0 since last year and fully supported AWS (including lambda) and several Linux distros. Yes Azure tends to be more pricey but you don't have to stick with it if you don't want to.