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DiscoGEN - Discord BOT Maker in 3mins

DiscoGEN is a CLI utility by which you can create Discord BOTs programmed in Discord.js

How to Get-Started

  • npm install -g discogen or yarn global add discogen
  • Run discogen
  • You will get a prompt like this First Prompt
  • Enter the BOT name
  • Give the BOT's prefix Second Prompt
  • Next paste the BOT token Third Prompt
  • Select the package Manager you want to use[npm or yarn] Fourth Prompt
  • Press ENTER and your done

Time to test the BOT

  • cd <bot-name>
  • You should have a folder structure like this ls
  • Run node index.js run

That's it your BOT is ready work. By default discogen adds the ping command. You can modify it to your needs

Let's Test the BOT now

It's online
Let's run the ping command with the prefix, in my case ?

That's it, the BOT is online and running in just 3 mins

Future features include addition of a feature by which users can choose between the commands they want there BOT to have

GitHub Repository:

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Anshrk • Edited on

Cool project

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GNVageesh Author

Thanks a lot

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