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Time to Refactor!


This Lab goal is to refactor our code and to make our first rebase!

To be completely honest, I had refactored my code long time ago, when David made Issue #7 and Issue #6.
So for this lab I had to make only a few changes to make it good to go.

How I Did It?

I tried to remove all redundant and duplicated code I had, I made everything into functions and put every function in its own module, this way my main file has only a few lines of code.
Now, the code is way easier to understand and more efficient too.

Which modules I have created?

My SSG now is composed of the following modules:

Time to Rebase!

This was my first time rebasing anything, it was not complicated to be honest, with the “-i” flag it allowed me to choose which option I wanted for each commit I had so I made my 3 commit became only one with the fixup option.
It is pretty useful, specially for me because I use to make a lot of commits.

Thank you for reading!

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