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My First Collaboration


The Hogwarts Project

This was my first real contribution to an open-source project.
I decided to choose the Hogwarts project because I am a really fan of the series and I thought that a small project could use more the help of a newbie like me than a huge one.
Even though this was a small project, the fact of having Hacktoberfest fest tags on its issue made it very popular and in a matter of minutes the issues were taken.

The Issues

At first, my goal was to get an issue related to the code, Issue #4, but while I was reading the issue and figuring out what I had to do it was taken by someone else.

So I decided to update the file with Issue #3 before some else take it. A task fairly simple but good enough for my first PR.
To make it informative I added images of the game and how it worked.

I added a section describing how to contribute to the project.
And after everything was done and ready to merge I made a PR.


What I learned working with this project was, Hacktoberfest tags takes minutes, sometimes seconds to be taken. It is somewhat hard to get something entry level available with the tag on it.
Also, it was really nice to see a community helping together a small project like Hogwarts. In a matter of few days the project grew a lot thanks to the contributors.

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Benjamin Rukundo

Keep going indeed. Happy to hear such progress.