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Lab 04 and Git Remote


My partner for this lab was Mizuho Okimoto, my goal was to add a feature that would be able to receive a config file.txt and read the flag values from it.

Implementing The Code

She is also using JavaScript to make her SSG, so implementing it was fairly simple. The process was the following:

  • Open an issue on her repo My issue
  • Fork her repo and clone it to my machine
  • Make a topic branch with the issue number
  • Create a new flag on yargs: -c and –config.
  • Receive a cfg file, read the values from it using fs.
  • Parse the information to JSON.
  • Extract the flags from it.
  • Test it.
  • Test it more.
  • Commit my changes.
  • Make my pull request. PR

Reviewing the code

The guy working on my Repo was Andre Willowmitzer.
After he did his changes on my code and made the pull request.
Using the git remote I cloned his repo and tested it to make sure everything was working.

git remote add andre andre-repo.url
git fetch andre
git checkout -b config-support andre/config-support
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I was surprised to see that merging his code on mine automatically closed the PR. This way is way easier than entering github and pressing the merge button there.
This lab was really informative and git remote is very useful.

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