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Hi everyone,

I'm still working on Pencil.js, a nice Javascript drawing library. The goal is to merge ease of use (OOP syntax and strong default setting) with great flexibility (lots of options and modularity).

Read this post for more in-depth presentation :

I'm mainly looking for feedback from new users, but I'll be glad to work with someone willing to contribute.

See ya.


Hi Guillaume,
Why would I use Pencil.js as opposed to SVGs ?


The SVG syntax is part of the problem that push me to do Pencil.js (along with p5).
I love the OOP syntax, maybe too much, but that's how I think. I want to be able to add a Rectangle instance to a Scene for example.

The SVG path syntaxe is a joke IMO. But it's compatible with Pencil.js Path class.
Shapes are ok, but lack the reactiveness of programmatic Javascript.

Check the examples for more details.

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