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Discussion on: Skills That Everyone Thinks Web Developers Have

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GManon • Edited

Yes, usually a web developer can do all of that, but he or she is not an expert on those subjects.

I was told to set up an old computer in my church. It took me a while because the hardware was very old. I installed Ubuntu SE. I rebuild everything to hide the administration from non saby users, installed a couple more applications and even the basic servers to start a website. At the end, I was proud of my work, but they were not happy because it wasn't Windows. Well, the machine came with Windows 98 and it wasn't ready for internet. I even bought a wireless adapter with my own money.

At the end, I told them that I wasn't a technician, but a developer. And to then, their idea was that I wasn't professional.

All the work and even free.

To many, if you are not an technician that can solve their problem, whatever it may be, you don't know what you are doing.