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6 Digital Ways To Earn $3000 A Month Being A Student

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These are the days when it is hard, even for the students to live an easy life. You need to start thinking about your career right after your primary education. Many students go abroad or start living independent lives. Such pupils look for different ways to earn money.

You might need to pay your tuition fee, spend money on extracurricular activities at college, or have to pay rent. Along with all the expenses, you have to continue your studies to build a better career ahead.

Well, to move smoothly with your education and expenses, most of the students start adopting different ways to earn money. You might be one of those who have driven uber, delivered food, performed part-time jobs. Maybe some of you are still engaged in similar sorts of jobs that require time and physical efforts.

Today I will be discussing with you some unorthodox ways for students to earn money. I believe that the digital world is the dominating one, and students should utilize their skills to leverage it. Let's have a look at some ways that can help you earn a good amount using your laptop, internet connection, and some basic skills.

Social Media Marketing For Businesses

You may not have heard about this before. However, this is one of the best ideas. If you like spending time on social media and have good knowledge about it, you can utilize your skills and will benefit you financially.

Search for a Social Media Manager job and show them your capabilities to get hired.

But before that, you need to learn a few things.

  1. Get good knowledge about Facebook ads.
  2. Learn about Instagram influencer marketing. Have information on how to contact influencers.
  3. You should know how to utilize Facebook and Instagram stories for brand building and business growth.
  4. The same goes for TikTok, it is trending and influencers can do good for your client.
  5. LinkedIn is one of the best platforms to start with Account-Based Marketing. Even ABM strategies along with LinkedIn ads are trending nowadays.
  6. Twitter videos and knowledge about trending issues is essential.

These tips will help you perform better with your job.

Write Content

Content writing is one of the best practices. It can help you in your education career. You can produce better assignments using your writing skills. However, EssaysnAssignments is here to get you rid of this worry.

Content writing skills is a handy one. You can earn through numerous platforms using your writing ability.

  1. Start writing web pages. Just need to have some skills regarding on-page SEO for this.
  2. You can write blogs. All it takes is a conversational tone and some in-depth tips as you are reading in this content. Well, this is just for fun.
  3. Leverage Amazon Kindle to write and publish an ebook.
  4. Review websites usually hire writers to write reviews for different products and apps.
  5. Writing product details is another way to earn using writing skills.

There are many more ways you can utilize writing to earn you money. It can earn you a good amount of money. In the US, a content writer can earn $100 for 1000 words easily.

Be A Link Builder

Link building is an SEO technique and it is utilized to build a website’s authority. There are so many ways of building links. These include,

  1. Document submission
  2. Blog comments
  3. Profile building
  4. Forum posting
  5. Web 2.0
  6. Guest posting

The most popular and handy is Guest Posting. It is time taking, you need to make some efforts. However, it can earn you good money. Websites are willing to give $100 to $300 per guest post depending upon its quality and target website’s authority.

Skills you need for being a good link builder are Analyzation, Consistency, Patience, Writing, and QA. These 5 skills will help you have a good grip on guest posting in about 2 months. Start learning about guest posting now.

Make Videos

In today’s world, every business, either small, medium, or large, relies on videos. Videos are one of the best ways to express what you want to deliver. Visualization makes it easy to understand.

This makes videos a great part of this digital world. All you need to learn are some video editing software. Capturing great scenes and fine frames require interest and some intellect. The rest will come with experience.

  • Doodle videos are in trend nowadays. Most of the business and Youtubers use it to present their aim and mission.
  • Moreover, behind the scenes videos play an important role in generating business leads and customer engagement.
  • Videos are also being used in social media and social media stories. These are short interacting clips with a personal tone and message to the customers.

Learning video making skills can help you earn a lot of money.

Build A Website

When it comes to digital earning, having a website is one of the most common ways. Since, not so many people are earning through digital ways, most importantly at the student level, this could be of great use for you.

A website gives you so many ways to get going for earning a handsome amount.

  1. You can simply use your website’s platform for google ads. Moreover, market your site on social media and you can be the influencer for different businesses. Your site will be an affiliate for them.
  2. Another way is to sell your services and skills. Show what you have through your website. Offer it to others. For example, if you are good at making logos, start making it for people who want it. Hence, with a website, you can start your very own logo agency.
  3. Some so many other students are willing to learn different courses alongside their studies. Offer them courses. Use your website to teach them what you are best at.
  4. Writing a guest post is a way to earn, as we have discussed earlier. However, if you have a website, you can earn a lot of money by accepting sponsored articles. These are similar to the guest posts.

Different people will write for your site and they will include SEO links in their article to gain some authority back to their linked sites. This can earn you $100 to %150 per day easily.

Well, all these techniques have a basic requirement. Your website itself should have a good authority score. For this purpose start making contextual backlinks to your site and its authority will be improved in a few months.

You can see different link building techniques as I have discussed above in this article under the heading, ‘Be a Link Builder’.

Start Affiliate Marketing

According to Affise, you can earn up to $300 per day with this technique.

This way is the best for social media geeks to earn a lot of money. All you need is to grow your followers on Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram, TikTok, YouTube, and other social media platforms.

I will recommend you to target any of the one platforms in the starting. Then gradually you can start moving towards others.

  • First, you will have to decide your niche. For example, you are using Instagram and want to be an Instagram Affiliate Marketer. Then it is important to set your niche.
  • If you are deciding to work with tech-based startups and businesses, you must share similar content on your account from the beginning.
  • People love statistics. According to a self-conducted survey, ‘There are 80% chances that people read your content if they find stats in it regularly.”

The same goes for other platforms. Keep sharing related content with stats that will engage readers and help grow your account. Soon you can easily start affiliate marketing with a well-grown social media account.

So, think of any of the above-described idea sn start your earning today. All you need is a firm objective and a clear motive.

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