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Learning JS Correctly after working on JS for 1 year

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Hello JS Developers,
I have 1 year of experience in javascript but still, I feeling I'm not good at javascript. I could solve all the issues with my current js knowledge. But still, there is some missing I cannot talk confidently in JS meetups with JS developers. Is this normal or should I do something to learn JS in the right way? If anyone had this type of feeling please share with me your story how did you overcome this stage?

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I can't speak to your specific situation, but many people I know who use JavaScript often learn a narrow set ofJavaScript affordances (gets even worse if they use frameworks/libraries) so they can build tools and apps that fit the most general of user requirements, but they've never quite gotten the hang of the JavaScript universe.

To walk the talk and become more confident of what you know (actually, to know what you don't know), I'd recommend Kyle Simpson's "You Don't Know JS" and Dan Abramov's recent email-based drip-fed bit of JavaScript mental rewiring,

Hope these help!


Thanks for the reply. Yes! I'm reading YDKJS and already subscribed to Dan's emails and also I'm watching weird parts of javascript from udemy. I hope I'll go over that stage ASAP.


You're suffering from impostor syndrome. You are good. You will get better. Just embrace it and keep on keeping on.


Thanks, Steve for taking the time to reply me.


Hmm I'm interested in the "I can't talk confidently in JS meetups part". What topics normally arise that make you uncomfortable? Is it unfamiliar terminology?
I'd say knowing JS well today is mostly being familiar with modern syntax (ES6+), convention and popular frameworks/libraries like React or TypeScript. Things like prototypical inheritance and transpiling are nice, but realistically you probably won't ever need to understand them for most jobs.

I think a lot of JS is just keeping up with latest trends, so maybe that's why you're uncomfortable at JS meetups (ime they always center around the latest react news). E.g. if last year you mastered writing class components in React and now people only ever talk about react hooks, you're going to feel out of place


Exactly I had the same situation. Everyone knows what Hooks and how to use it in a live project. But I don't know about them. I stuck to class components. I don't know why prototypes of asking in job interviews while we are not using them in daily coding.


Mm yeah - at the end of the day, there will always be people who complain and joke about JavaScript developers moving to the next shiny thing, but in reality, if you want to be "accepted" as a pro JS dev, then that's the impression you need to give - someone who's familiar with Suspense, Concurrent, Svelte, and whatever new development.

As for hooks specifically - it only took me a month of trying them for me to feel comfortable using them, since then I've never written a class component 😁 Hooks are def something I recommend mastering

And yeah, it's hilarious right... Modern JS advocates: "declarative functional programming! Never use verbose implicit code!"
Job interviewer: "write me an efficient for loop and explain what prototypical inheritance is"

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