re: What to do if my current workplace doesn't allow me to do what I want in my free time? VIEW POST


I heard about companies that don't allow employees to work on side-projects in their free time but this mostly only applies if the side-project is related to the company core business.
For example if your work makes software for conferencing but your side project will be some kind of mobile game, completely different core business and public then it shouldn't be an issue.


Yeah, I'm not making FHIR or other healthcare adjacent stuff out of office, so my employer doesn't care. It's not like my Pokemon playthings hurt their bottom line.

I'd be really surprised if a company had a non-compete such that all software infringes on them. And I'd be more shocked if it was enforceable -- though it's likely not worth the time and money to find out.

@OP, I don't think you need a portfolio to get a new job. It would just be helpful, but you'll still be expected to do virtual whiteboarding and whatnot if a company wants to see your code in action.

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