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re: Hi, my opinion may appear strange and unpopular, but this is what it is. Java is popular due to a high number of Java programmers. There is a some ...

Thanks for your opinion!
I think I misjudged how many legacy Java (and new) projects are still being developed. And your point about that many devs learn Java because of the higher salary is also interesting, I never looked at the salary of a programming language as a reason to learn it. I learn a language because I am interested in it or because I have a project for it that might work better in X language.

I think my overall conclusion from the responses here is that surveys should split the main languages up more so that the results would give a more interesting result.
Java -> (Sub selection) Android, Spring, ... And same for Ruby, PHP, ...
This is ofcourse more complex for dev survey creators but we work in a complex field 😉

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