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re: I think being junior is an advantage in many ways, as a beta reader or a contributor. I'd be happy to hear any ideas you have. For "Do I fit in?" ...

For sure sign me up as a beta reader 😉
I would love to contribute, maybe something about learning/improving by contributing to open source (even if it is out of your comfort zone).

Then I am also not the right person for that, I think I am out of the box "tech bro" stereotype as you called it.

That's a great idea! Write it up and send it my way.

Is there any timeframe for this?
Also if it is going to be a chapter in your book do you have any "requirements" for example text length? I don't think this will be a big chapter, but I will try to include some personal experiences.

An other subject, I still haven't forgotten about TonsilText. Your last comment on Github about maybe publishing it triggered my interest.

Timeframe: hoping to publish this summer if not sooner.

No length requirements, just needs to express a complete thought and be somewhat professional. The smallest chapters could be a page or so.

Publishing TonsilText is still on my to-do-someday list, though I may never actually get around to it. 😣

I have actually used TonsilText, on a party where talking was a little difficult because of the loud music. 😂

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