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This is amazing! I wish I read more programming books during my studies and at the beginning of my career 2 years ago. I have recently started reading Clean Code: A Handbook of Agile Software Craftsmanship and have already learned a lot from it.

I think I am still a little too "junior" to be of any help with your book.
I would love to be a beta reader, I am sure there will be lots of useful tips that I can use.

For the "Do I fit in?" chapter you mentioned that you are not the right person for that chapter, what is the type of person you are looking to write this?


I think being junior is an advantage in many ways, as a beta reader or a contributor. I'd be happy to hear any ideas you have.

For "Do I fit in?" the best stories would come from people who don't fit the "tech bro" stereotype. Anyone who's a minority in this industry due to race, sex, gender identity, culture, language, or religion, for example. Although I'd welcome stories from almost anyone who's felt out of place or unwelcome in tech because of who they are.


For sure sign me up as a beta reader 😉
I would love to contribute, maybe something about learning/improving by contributing to open source (even if it is out of your comfort zone).

Then I am also not the right person for that, I think I am out of the box "tech bro" stereotype as you called it.

That's a great idea! Write it up and send it my way.

Is there any timeframe for this?
Also if it is going to be a chapter in your book do you have any "requirements" for example text length? I don't think this will be a big chapter, but I will try to include some personal experiences.

An other subject, I still haven't forgotten about TonsilText. Your last comment on Github about maybe publishing it triggered my interest.

Timeframe: hoping to publish this summer if not sooner.

No length requirements, just needs to express a complete thought and be somewhat professional. The smallest chapters could be a page or so.

Publishing TonsilText is still on my to-do-someday list, though I may never actually get around to it. 😣

I have actually used TonsilText, on a party where talking was a little difficult because of the loud music. 😂

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