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New Telegram channel about Quarkus news in Russian

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Hi everyone, I'd like to share with you some thing I've decided to do - and as you've read it in the title of the post, right - that's the my own Telegram channel about Quarkus news and related stuff!

What's Quarkus? Quarkus - Kubernetes native Java stack tailored for GraalVM & OpenJDK HotSpot, crafted from the best of breed Java libraries and standards!

And, right, my channel is in Russian. Why? I'm from Eastern Europe (Belarus) and here we speak mostly in Russian, but unfortunately I don't see a lot of discussions about Quarkus in local communities. So I decided, that such thing like Telegram channel could change existing situation and could help to bring together folks that would be interesting in Quarkus adoption in our region.

Here is the link -


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