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re: Mac: Macbook Pro 20XX Linux or Windows: Thinkpad T4XX Where XX is the latest-model-MINUS-ONE-OR-TWO, which saves a bit of cash. If you have to as...

I'll be honest, I was first very skeptical (I am a mac fanboy through-and-through) BUT I took a honest look and those specs are impressive.

I would still not personally recommend them, just based on the anecdotal evidence of my friend who has had to send in his Surface four times for issues.

You'll definitely want to get the 256GB SSD and the 8GB of RAM. The i5 option would be sufficient.

Again, if you're going to need i7, you're probably not looking here for recommendations.

The price is a little high (but so are my recommendations), but I think the real clincher would be how good the keyboard is (assuming it's not just docked 80% of the time).

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