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Hi again!

I think that EBS storage can be mounted to another instance if it's first removed from the one that is mounted. I don't know what happens in the case that the server goes down, but if the failure is not in the EBS itself I think it can be mounted to the new one. Also, you don't have to generate the video in every replica, you can just use scp or rsync to clone the file to the server that you need. Of course that would double the cost of your EBS storage, but would greatly reduce the CPU load if you decided to use replicas. I think that this is the easiest way to keep replicas of your videos by just increasing the internal network load (as far as I know they have great internal networks so that wouldn't be a problem).

This is the first article that I bumped into, explaining how to mount EBS storage to a server.

In the hypothetical case that you decide to mount the EBS storage to another server, you can also create a clone of the EBS itself, so you can mount the cloned version to the replica server. By doing this, when your master server goes up, the original EBS storage will still be mounted to the master server. Unfortunately, EBS is still priced even if the EBS volume is not mounted to an instance, so you may have to remove the cloned EBS after the problem has been resolved.

Personally, if I had to perform replication I would start by using rsync or scp as they are the easiest way and they don't require any extra devops.

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