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Personally I am more oriented front development (or full stack ?!) and react as well as angular it's 'magic' like 'wow effect' (I didn't think that after angular I could still be surprised by a JS framework!).

So why front-end ? I have trouble thinking clearly when you have to be 'data analysis' (basically writing or understanding extensive sql requests and getting lost in them after a while... what a pain !). I still know that you have to deal with it, because, data is life and everything is a query :) That being said, fortunately we have frameworks like Entity Framework to endure this :o

So, even if I deny SQL or I find C++ too complicated for my mind, am I still a developer ? Yes!, at the end the passion is the key to success! When you have the passion and you work on a technical stack that you like and feel comfortable, your product can only be very good. But, be careful, I'm not saying that we should rest on what we know: our profession evolves very quickly and we must constantly renew our knowledge :)

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