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How Giskard got their first 1,200 stars!

I have had the pleasure of talking to Blanca @ Marketing Manager at Giskard: a testing framework for ML models.

This newsletter is mostly about influencers and Hackernews!

To watch it as a video, check this YouTube:

Influencers and authority

If there is something stronger than any marketing in the world, it is influence. Elon Musk is considered to be one of the greatest shitposters of all time, yet he still gets tons of reactions for everything he posts.

Many people tend to believe me because I have also built some authority in the GitHub space.

This is why influencers are such a strong channel. Their authority and the intent of their followers can do excellent turns for companies.

Giskard purchased Santiago's services to promote their library and doubled their stars.

While stars are excellent metrics, and as you know, I get many stars from influencers that do not necessarily bring me the right audience but make me trend on GitHub. Influencers like Santiago are laser-focused influencers who can actually bring customers and good users (with purchasing power), usually fewer stars.

They pay around  $700-$1200 to good influencers.

The wrong by-products?

Giskard made a small product called SafeGPT - a spell checker.

They promoted it in the Superhuman newsletter together with a Show Hackernews and got 2,000 registrations in 1 week 🔥

The main problem is that SafeGPT is a finalized product for end-users

(not necessarily developers), When they tried to convert those users into Giskard, they didn’t convert since it was a different market.

I don’t think it’s a failure here, actually. There are still ways to leverage non-audience to help you with different stuff.

You can:

  • Get reactions to different articles / Youtube

  • Get some social proof (follow on Social Media)

  • Get stars with incentives.

I invite you to register for my newsletter.

This newsletter is good for you if:

  • You are considering open-sourcing your product (or building a new one).
  • You are considering opening a by-product and open-source it (to reflect on your main product).
  • You are in tech and want growth without the stars / without GitHub trending.

It’s a 100% free newsletter (and always will be). Feel free to register at:

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Saurabh Rai

It's great to see Giskard's story of growth: fantastic work, Nevo and Blanca, showcasing your growth efforts to the community. 🔥

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Nevo David


fernandezbaptiste profile image

Building authority is the goal! Thanks for sharing this, very useful!

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Nevo David

Thank you so much Bap!

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Nathan Tarbert

This was an inspiring story. Nice job capturing it!

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Great story

nevodavid profile image
Nevo David

Thank you so much!

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Shrijal Acharya

Exciting journey. Inspired to gather some stars for my personal open-source projects too. 😎😂