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Good first issues with Next.js

bdougieyo profile image Brian Douglas Updated on ・1 min read

Next.js is one of the most popular frameworks built on React.js. Most developers are familiar with how they can leverage Next.js to make fast web apps. But did you know, their open-source repository contains a few "good first issues" just waiting for your contributions?

Learn how to contribute to good first issues

This video is an excerpt from our Open Source Friday live stream. OSF is GitHub’s live interview where we chat with open-source project maintainers. They share tips on how to contribute to their projects for the first time.

Tim Neutkens walks through how to find good first issues. They provide some helpful context on navigating the test suite and project organizational structure.

Join us live on Twitch

If you’re looking for a deep dive into contributing to open-source projects like Next.js, join us on Fridays at twitch.tv/github for our next Open source Friday.

If you missed our previous OSF stream, or want to rewatch, you can find the full over on our YouTube.

For more information about contributing to open-source, checkout out opensourcefriday.com.

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