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Discussion on: How do you manage your browser bookmarks?

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Gino Messmer • Edited

I don't use bookmarks.
Because I know it's becoming a mess eventually.

I find content on Reddit, Medium, and leave them open in Safari on iPhone until I get back to my desk. Sometimes I leave sticky notes on Windows that are supposed to remind me of certain links. If I remember something that was important, I search in my browser history instead. For specific content like documentation there's a built-in bookmark list for Microsoft's documentation. For open source projects I leave a star that will add it to my starred projects in return. For articles on Medium for instance, I simply clap and add it to my reading list. On Reddit, I leave an upvote and look into my upvoted posts when I want to dig something up.

I've tried out several bookmarking tools but always struggled to keep up with them. I think the best way of doing it is to not worry too much about it and do it in an intuitive manner.