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Gareth Gillman

Hi Chris, long time admirer of your work and browser of CSS Tricks.

My question is, if you were starting out as a front end dev in 2020, what would you say is the first thing you would learn and why?


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Chris Coyier Ask Me Anything • Edited on

I think you need to put yourself in a position where it's your job to create and take care of a website. Even if that feels like a stretch for you early on. Get the domain, get the website on the public internet. Put your name on it. Now you've given yourself stakes, and you'll learn technology because you must to make your ideas come to life.

For me, 650 years ago, that was putting up a website for the ol' college band. We needed a website! That sounded like fun to me, and I managed to struggle through buying a domain, hosting, and putting up a WordPress website. Then, over time, I learned front end web technologies because I wanted to change up the design, change up the templates, add cool features, etc.

Get yourself a project and learn through the project.

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Ibrahim Imran

If your looking for free websites I mean Wix is pretty good

But it's better with a subscription

I actually made a post about how Wix works.

If you want you. Can check it out but I'm not forcing.

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