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re: Both Node.js (NPM/Yarn) and Python (PIP) can install directly from GitHub as well as a tag / commithash. Not as convenient as Deno, though.

Wow, How does Deno do it?
Just wanted to know #curious


The convenience of Deno is that you put directly the GitHub URL of the repo. Which means that instead of knowing the package name you have to know its full URL (https://github.com/encode/django-rest-framework vs djangorestframework by example) but also if the project moves then you have to change the URL. And of course since the version of the package is in the URL, you have to know the version you're using all over the place (and change it when you upgrade).

Did I mention that Deno is so usable that its website is made with Node?

It is probably better to add tag or commithash as well.

So, https://github.com/encode/django-rest-framework@3.9.3, or something. I haven't tested.

Dammn isnโ€™t that hard. Like every time the repo has some breaking changes and since we link with url in the code wonโ€™t that break our application ๐Ÿคฏ

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